Creator God, He is Yahweh

February 28, 2011 - Leave a Response


moved to read in Genesis this evening and was undone at the creation of the universe down to the smallest framework of the smallest animal, all spoken into being by the great artist. I was tossed between all of the theory of this world and between the simple black and white words on a simple page. seven days? really? spoken words? So profoundly simple.  Then God reminded me that those with childlike faith will enter the kingdom. Kids believe the most illogical things for instance; did i really think that a overweight man was held in the air by reindeer and somehow managed to wiggle down my chimney to bring me gifts on Christmas eve… or even crazier that He made it around the earth in one night? crazy.  To the world believing God spoke the universe into existence and molded the human frame in 7 days is crazy talk. And even in some churches we go from Sunday school to logic… well maybe 7 days was a metaphor for 7 years. I think when we begin to adapt worldly concepts into God ordained truth we start to discredit the power of Who He is. His voice is powerful enough to speak things into existence, and yeah it says 7 days so I believe 7 days.


Then there’s the verse where God gives his creation to His most prized creation, now I’m crafty and I only give my creations away to people who are truly special. This act speaks of God’s great love, and is an important part in Why Jesus had to come as a man.

My friend Jason made an interesting point; God speaks all things into existence, and by the power of the Holy spirit we have the authority to also speak things into existence, calling the will of heaven to earth! So encouraging.